Funeral Plans

Prepaid Funeral Plans have become an important part of sound financial planning  for the future.

The responsibility for arranging the funeral will normal be with either the spouse or a close relative of the deceased.  In some situations a family friend may be able to help, especially if the death was sudden and the family are deeply distressed.


Certain things need to be considered, such as wheather the deceased is to be buried or cremated.  This may be stipulated in the deceased’s Will if one has been made, but there is no legal requirement to follow these wishes.  Cremation is normally the cheaper option, with burials costing up to almost 3 time the amount.

A average cost of a funeral with burial will cost £4,257 and and the average cost of a funeral with cremation is £3,311

  • Coffin
  • Professional Services
  • Hearse
  • Administration costs
  • Staff, including bearers
  • Funeral Home and presentation of the deceased

When extras are added on, such as cremation/burial fees, Doctors fees, flowers, obituary, newspaper notice, wake venue and catering fees the price soon adds up to over £5000.

A prepaid funeral plan is a simple way to pay towards the cost of a funeral in advance.  Not only can it save your loved ones from having to pay for the costs of the services in your plan, but it can save you money.  This is because the cost is fixed at today’s prices.  This means your family won’t be left with a big shock when they have to pay for the funeral had you not taken out a prepaid plan.

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