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Divorce & Separation


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The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is one of life’s most traumatic events. With emotions running high it’s easy to be combative, but this does little to aid the long-term solutions that are needed. Couples often find it difficult to make arrangements for their children and the division of finances can be an area of conflict.


How we can help.

Whilst we will always champion your needs, we do this in a balanced and diplomatic manner. We try to achieve the very best outcome with the minimum expenditure on legal fees. Experience shows that talking and negotiating achieves better outcomes for all involved, especially when younger children are involved.

Our understanding of the difficulties you are facing, enables us to guide you expertly through the divorce process, providing sound advice and support to help you reach agreements that will enable you to move forward.


Financial issues

When couples separate there are usually financial issues to resolve. Depending on your situation, this can involve a court application for “ancillary relief” to resolve the division of capital assets (such as your house, pension sharing and maintenance). We will deal with the entire process for you, making sure we obtain all of the relevant financial information from your ex and securing the best result for your future.


Providing for your children

When you have children, especially young children, you will need to think about things such as where they will live and how much time they will spend with each parent. This was known as ‘custody’ and ‘access’, or ‘residence’ and ‘contact’, but in the modern Family Court, this is known as ‘child arrangements’ and ‘financial relief’.

Our priority is to ensure our clients deal with the realities and effects of divorce and separation as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing them and their families to get on with their lives without feeling bitter and defeated.

We’ll cut through the jargon, then we’ll help you work through your options and advise you on reaching agreements that work for your family.


Civil partnerships & same-sex marriages

We help people in civil partnerships or same-sex marriages to work through their issues, in just the same way as we do with married couples. After all, you will be going through the same emotions and have the same feelings. So, why should you be treated any differently?



When the situation demands swift action, we can help people obtain injunctions to protect themselves and any children they have from further harm. This can and often does result in an abusive spouse or partner being excluded from the family home.


Alternatives to court

You don’t have to take your troubles through the courts to decide how you divide your money, property, possessions and look after your children. There are a number of alternatives to court and we encourage the use of these alternatives, which enable you and your partner to decide, with our help, guidance and assistance, how best to deal with them.

The law now requires any couple who want to use the courts to resolve their issues surrounding separation must first attend a compulsory Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

This doesn’t mean that you are being forced to use mediation if it isn’t right for you. It simply gives you an opportunity to talk through the alternatives to the court process with an experienced professional who can help you decide whether any of them are suitable for you.


What do we charge?

Our initial meeting is completely free of charge. This is not limited to 20 or 30 minutes like many local solicitors. We take whatever time is needed to understand your position.

Our subsequent charge is just £60 per hour. Some work can be agreed on a fixed fee basis.

We are fully insured and full members of the Institute of Paralegals and registered with the Professional Paralegal Register.

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