Is It Time To Get Your Funeral Plans Arranged?

The answer, invariably, is yes!  It is an unfortunate fact of life, that we are all going to need a funeral and the most cost effective and efficient way to deal with it is to pay for it now.  By purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan, you will be saving money.  According to Sunlife, the average cost of a funeral in the South West is £4,096.  This represents the cost of a Cremation with a non-religious service.  If you want a religious service, the price increases to £4,117.  We are sure you would agree, this is a significant cost!

The cost of a funeral has more than doubled in little over 10 years.  Between 2004 and 2017 they increased by 112%.  In fact, funerals are one of the fastest rising costs in the UK .

Compare this with a Prepaid funeral, where you can lock in the cost of your funeral from as little as £2,995.  This includes a coffin, doctor and minister fees, admin fees and cremation/burial fees.  That represents an average saving on today’s costs of £1,122.

We deal with many clients who are saving for their funeral with the use of an ISA.  The have the expectation that their savings will be enough to cover the whole cost of the funeral, thereby ensuring that their children don’t have to burden of finding the money.  However, the reality is that these ISAs are not going to keep up with the costs of a funeral.  With funeral costs increasing by 6.1% in the South west region last year and an ISA increasing by about 0.5% there is no possibility that the ISA will keep up with the rising costs.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect against these large price increases.  Purchase your funeral today.  With the use of a Prepaid Funeral Plan, which is not the same as an insurance plan, you will be guaranteed the cost of your funeral will be covered whenever you die.

In addition to saving money, you will also be able to choose how you want to be remembered by those attending your funeral.  You can plan the music, and other aspects, which are important to you.  In some cases, it can prevent arguments within the family.  Your family will also appreciate that they have one less thing to worry about at such a stressful and upsetting time because everything you wanted will be arranged after just a single phone call.

If you would like to know more about our Prepaid funeral plans just give us a call on 01202 798345 to arrange a no obligation consultation.